Sunday, June 3, 2012

Polish Crazy this week!

 I had an amazing weekend with family visiting from the Netherlands!  My Aunt and uncle flew in on Friday and its been non stop ever since!  Had an amazing time last night at my mothers house enjoying some of the best Spaghetti and meatballs around.  Oh, and the cocktails were good too :) 

So, I went a bit polish crazy this week.  I purchased four new lacquers and I chose brands I've never bought before.  See, I'm addicted to a couple brands and I'm pretty much loyal to them.  I'll share in posts to come those brands and why I'm so addicted to them.  Any who....

I was at Ulta last weekend and this pretty soft pink caught my eye.  It's called baby doll.  The lacquer goes on very well (I'm actually wearing it now but the pics came out bad) and I'm a huge fan of the bottle shape and the brush was pretty darn close to the thickness I like.  This color almost reminds me of my ballet tights when I was a youngster :)  Retail price is $6.00, however this is currently on sale for $3.00.  Now that's a deal! 

My next stop was Walgreens with my Mother-in-law.  They were offering buy one get one 50% off on a ton of different products so I thought I'd give L'Oreal Colour Riche nail polish a try.  I first chose Satin sheets which is frosted white.  The bottle shape is nice and the brush is close to the thickness I like.  It's definitely a two coater as one left it too transparent.  I also bought Versailles romance which is a gorgeous peach color.  Again, this looked much better with two coats.  Retail price is $5.99

My last lacquer purchase of the week was from Avon.  I very rarely ever buy anything from Avon and decided to give their lacquer a whirl.  I chose a color called Sea Breeze, it's a light greenish color and very matte.  I'm not a fan of the bottle and the brush thickness was not to my liking.  The lacquer is thin and required multiple coats.  I found it to be a bit runny but the color selection they offer is outstanding.  Retail price is $6.00, BUT....I also bought from Avon the sparkling nail art...WOW, what a great price of $3.99 and the Rhinestones stayed on well!  I'll definitely buy these again!

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