Sunday, May 27, 2012

My current daily skin care régime and the importance of a clean face

I must say that I wasn't always the "take my makeup off before bed" girl or the girl that had a daily skin care régime.  As I have gotten older the importance of taking care of my skin has become so essential to me.  Why I just realized this, since I have a sister that has an impeccable skin care routine?  That girl could be three sheets to the wind, praying to the porcelain god and she STILL removes her makeup, tones and moisturizes.  note to self: video tape this if at all possible :)

It's just as important to have a good skin care routine just as you have a makeup routine.  The following are products that I love and that I'm currently using.  This is also the order in which I remove my makeup at night.

Eye Make-up Removal:  It's so important to remove your eye make-up properly.  The eye area is very delicate and should be treated with care.  I use any drug store brand cotton pads with Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover.  This product retails for $27.00 and is my favorite eye makeup remover.

Cleanse Your Face: I prefer to use my finger tips to do the cleaning however some folks may prefer a wash cloth or some type of sponge.  I find using anything other than my fingers tips and hands is too abrasive for my skin.  I work in a circular pattern taking extra caution to be gentle to my skin.  My current fav, and when I say fav I mean FAV, is Clarins gentle foaming cleanser with cottonseed.   This product is AMAZING and it only takes a smidgin.  I've had my current tube since December and I have a good month or two left.   Retail price is $21.00.   Just an added note:  Clarins is one of those not so popular products here in the USA.  Give it a try, it's probably one of the best skin care products out there.  In Europe, Clains is the King, I mean Queen of beauty!   

Exfoliate Your Skin:  I exfoliate every night and I am very careful.  Exfoliating helps to remove the dead skin and dirt that clogs your pores.  My current bargain buy is Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub.  Retail price from your local drug store is around $5.00.


Tone Your Skin:  A toner should always be part of a good skin care routine.  It removes extra oils and dirt that straight washing can not.  It's very important that you choose the proper toner for your skin type, you don't want irritation from choosing poorly.  I currently use Clinique Clarifying lotion 2.  This is a bargain toner and Clinique makes several types.  The 6.7 oz. bottle retails for a low $12.50.  You can't beat that price!

 Anti-Aging Serum: I've learned in the last few years the importance of cellular renewal.  I highly recommend all ladies use an anti-aging serum.  My current Anti-Aging serum is Clarins Multi-Active Renewal Serum.  I have truly fallen in love with Clarins and this product is a big reason why.  Retail price is a bit hefty but well worth the money at $63.00 for 1 oz.


Moisturize Your Skin: This is a biggie and is Vital!  Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!  You need to re-hydrate your skin and what a better time while you're asleep.  I'm currently using Clarins Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Comfort Cream.  I have really loved using this product and I'm almost out, so my big decision will be to buy this again or try something new.  Such a hard decision!  This retails for $59.00

Eye Care: As you age, the lines around your eyes become more noticeable and a good eye cream is essential to any skin care routine.  I use (Not currently ALWAYS) Lancome Absolue Eye Premium Bx.  I have received this as a gift twice and will not be trying anything in this price range any time soon as I have a full one left!  Retail price is $93.00 for .05 oz.  I know, it's a bit pricy but the Absolue line from Lancome is amazing!  Always make sure to get this gem in your gift with purchase if possible!

Well there you have it!  My nightly routine which takes less than 10 minutes and makes a world of difference.  One last note:  For healthy radiant skin, it's very important to drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet and exercise!

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